Our Mission

The We Heart Health Foundation: Healthier Living for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

We Heart Health is Non-Profit Organization dedicated to spreading awareness to healthier living for Multiple Sclerosis patients. We Heart Health has become one of the leading resources in the Multiple Sclerosis world providing both MS and Non-MS patients with information on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Online Resources

We Heart Health provides resources in addition to our own, that gives MS Patients multiple avenues to educate themselves about living healthier.

Health Events

We Heart Health plans to create Health related events that will serve as a way to fundraise and raise awareness to Multiple Sclerosis and Healthy living.

Blog Posts

We Heart Health will provide information on a daily basis that provides MS and Non-MS Patients with fresh ideas ways to stay active and healthy.

Join Us

To Educate

Whether you're an MS Patient, Caretaker, or here to learn more about improving health, We Heart Health is here to guide and educate you.

To Inspire

Every person on this earth is different, therefore, we must inspire and pioneer new ways to improve our health.

To Spread Awareness

What is the one thing that we can affect in the immediate? Our health! That means diet, exercise, well-being...all things we can instantly improve. Let's get the word out, we are the ones that define our future!

To Provide Hope

There is always someone who can learn from you...embrace that. Join We Heart Health in reaching out to people and helping them improve their lives.

To Live Actively

All it takes is that first step. We Heart Health is here to challenge you to become the best YOU possible!

To Be Happy

Happiness is the key to living the life you want to live. Remember to smile frequently!

Our Team


Demitrius Omphroy

Demitrius Omphroy was diagnosed with Relapsing Forms of Multiple Sclerosis in 2010. At 20 years old, he made the decision to battle his diagnosis, never letting it slow him down on the road to becoming a professional soccer player.

Board of Directors

  • Demitrius Omphroy
  • Ric Omphroy
  • Jeff Cherry
  • Vivianna Salazar
  • Beverly Tolentino
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